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Elle Macpherson (Nederland)

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$100 Million Lawsuit Against Elle's Husband Dismissed

ELLE MACPHERSON's husband Jeffrey Soffer has seen a $100 million lawsuit over the death of his best friend in a Bahamas helicopter crash dismissed. A Florida court yesterday dismissed a lawsuit brought by Daria Gogoleva - the widow of his friend and ...


Confession: I Am (Slightly) Addicted to Elle Macpherson's Secret Beauty Elixir

Elle Macpherson earned the nickname "The Body" for good reason: Her god-given form is, in a word, bangin'. At 50, she is more toned, sculpted, and well, hot than most 20-year-olds. So when the model tweeted a photo of herself in a bikini, holding some ...


Elle Macpherson Reveals Her Secret To Looking 30 At 50

Upon first glance, there's no way you'd know Elle Macpherson was 50 years old. Doing a double-take, you'd probably still think the supermodel was no older than 30. According to the Australian beauty herself, there are certain measures we can take in ...


Elle Macpherson Reveals How Her Nickname 'The Body' Really Makes Her Feel

It's not all that difficult to see why Elle Macpherson was given the nickname "The Body" just a few short years into her career. And now we know how she actually felt about it, too. The 50-year-old -- yes, really-- supermodel, who continues to grace ...


Elle Macpherson is getting better with age

ELLE MACPHERSON, all 6ft of sun-kissed long lean limbs and a tumbling mane of blonde hair, is earnestly telling an audience of women in Selfridges, London, what it felt like to struggle with a muffin top, fatigue, and finding herself so irritable she ...


Elle MacPherson reveals business mind in capitalizing on "The Body"

Elle Macpherson today is a business mogul who runs her own company Elle Macpherson Inc. but it all started from the confidence she gained after deciding to capitalize on the title "The Body" instead of just enjoying the ego boost the nickname provided her.


El marido de Elle Macpherson, exculpado del accidente mortal de su mejor amigo

Buenas noticias para la modelo Elle Macpherson (50). La demanda millonaria contra su marido, el multimillonario hotelero Jeffrey Soffer, por la muerte de su abogado y mejor amigo en un accidente de helicóptero ha sido desestimada por el Tribunal de ...


¿Cómo lo hace? Elle Macpherson tiene 50 años pero luce como de 30

Elle sorprendió a todo el mundo en Twitter. Fue cuando subió una foto que mostraba su espectacular cuerpo. | Fuente: Privada | Twitter Elle Macpherson. Elle Macpherson sigue siendo ´el cuerpo´ a los 50 años ...


¿Cómo es la dieta milagrosa de Elle Macpherson?

En la década del 80, Elle Macpherson deslumbraba sobre las pasarelas más importantes del mundo y su impactante cuerpo engalanó todas las portadas de las revistas internacionales. Junto con Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell y Linda ...


Elle Macpherson: da un nomignolo a un impero nel fashion

LOS ANGELES - Elle Macpherson è stata una delle top model più pagate degli anni Ottanta e Novanta, al fianco di Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford e Christy Turlington. Dopo essere apparsa sulla copertina di Time magazine nel 1989 la star del fashion fu ...



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Macpherson Peter Lagos, Nigeria  
Macpherson- Caldeira Ashburton, Australia  
MacPherson Jagerson New York  
Macpherson Kunyenga Malawi, Central Arica  
Macpherson Metelus Croix Des Bouquets  
macpherson philippa Onbekend  
Ben Macpherson New York  
Michael Macpherson Ontario  
Juaniita MacPherson Columbia, SC  
Glenn Macpherson British Columbia  

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Ellen MacPherson  
Ellen K MacPherson  
Ellen MacPherson  
Mary Ellen MacPherson  
Ellen E MacPherson  


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